Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So, the iPhone comes to Verizon...

So, last week it seemed like Apple tried to become the biggest thing talked about while CES was happening in Las Vegas, NV. Verizon announced an event taking place this morning and guess what they announced? Of course, the release of the iPhone 4G on their network.

The phone is basically the same phone released on the AT&T network, only with a redesigned outer shell in order to prevent the antenna problem that plagues the current iPhone that is available. It seems to be the biggest buzz on the internet today but what is this hype all about?

This version of the iPhone has been out on the AT&T network for about 6 months now. There is nothing new to the phone other than of course it the CDMA version. Maybe they should have waited until the announcement of the iPhone 5? Either way, it's coming to Verizon so that was the news that was given in that most anticipated Verizon event.

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